Friday, April 29, 2016

The Demon and The Punisher

There are certain characters that artists really seem to have fun with.  The Demon definitely falls into this category.  Jack Kirby came up with a great visual for Etrigan and illustrators that have worked on him since have all had a unique take.  Whether it was Matt Wagner, Val Semeiks, John Byrne, John Totleben, John McRae, Dick Giordano or another talent, each artist gave an interesting and effective interpretation of his appearance.


Bob Greenwade said...

Of course, if the Punisher were to team up with Ambush Bug, it would be "Puns and Punishment"!

Oh, and great cover, Ross. It's a great tease for what would have to be a great story, with the down-to-earth Punisher dealing with the Demon's high-powered magic even as they work together to bring down the mob.

Cary Comic said...

Bob's right. This title almost surpasses "Cranston Hears A Who!"
But, with the emphasis on "almost." ;-)

Seriously, though: I can't help wondering if the Punisher would even acknowledge that one of his latest targets might be involved with black magic. I recall how some necromancer tried (yet ultimately failed) to tempt him with the reanimation of his murdered family. And, Castle's thought balloons had him rationalizing the process he witnessed as the result of some "mutant" ability!

Still, this story idea is a good one. And, it makes me wonder how Marvel and DC would handle the crossover for real. Perhaps a turf war over Harlem between the Maggia and the Young led by Black Talon?

Cary Comic said...

P.S.---might I humbly suggest a sequel pitting both of these guys against Eric Simon "the Devil-slayer" Payne?

Matthew Baugh said...

Very cool. I can see the Demon being fond of someone who has as many personal demons as the Punisher.

I agree that Kirby's Demon was visually great, but he wasn;t the original designer. The appearance was an Homage to something Hal Foster did in Prince Valiant way, way back.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Michael Golden, who drew the Demon in several 70s issues of Batman Family!

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