Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nightwing Vs. The Black Cat

Nightwing seems poised to finally make the leap to live action, but I am not sure where we will see him first.  There was talk of a TNT series featuring Dick Grayson and other members of the Titans, but I haven't heard anything new on that in a long time.  Ben Affleck's Batman is an older version, with at least one Robin in his past, and has the Red Hood saga rumored as the basis for a solo film so perhaps he will show up there.  Then There's the Cyborg movie down the line, which has been rumored to have been changed into a Teen Titans film, once again a natural place for Nightwing to appear.  Nothing seems to be set in stone with any of these plans, but I hope at least one of them provides a home for one of DC's longest running characters.


Cary Comic said...

I think there's comparatively better hope of a live-action solo film for the Black Cat coming forth.

Happy New Year, dude! :-)

ideas Man 2 said...

Will Ross or the films be the first to put Nightwing back where he belongs, in Kandor?

Cary Comic said...

@ Ideas Man 2:

The way Hollywood hems and haws? I'll put my money on Ross doing so, first. Assuming, of course, that we're still speaking in total "Kandor."


Sonofjack Well said...

It could be that filmmakers assume that the general public thinks "Robin" when they hear the name "Dick Grayson" and think that it would be too confusing to explain who "Nightwing" is even though it could be accomplished with a single line of dialog.

Cary Comic said...

The studio issuing "Superman V. Batman" could start planning a sequel wherein Dick Grayson reads Superman's diary. Thereby discovering the history of pre-Brainiac Kandor and its crime-fighting urban legend. And, bingo: inspiration!

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