Friday, December 11, 2015

Batman and Mephisto in "Desecration Day!"

Gotham has reached it's half way point through its second season, and I continue to enjoy it.  It's a little hard to take seriously because many of the performances and plot twists are so over the top.  I know that Gotham is supposed to be a rough town, but I don't know how they could get a single cop to work there when it seems like a dozen members of the police force get killed on a weekly basis. Still, there are enough decent performances to keep me coming back.

These two tangled once before, back in my B&B MS Paint days...

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion to this tale!


Cary Comic said...

Actually, this premise was originally used in an issue of pre-Crisis BRAVE & THE BOLD co-starring Sgt. Rock. The latter was chasing what he thought was a still-living Hitler! And, the former was being stalked by someone claiming to be...far worse.

Hendrik said...

About Gotham, let it be a bit over the top, but it´s still a hundred times better than all the cheesy stuff like Arrow or The Flash.
Gotham got the right atmosphere the right actors and the better stories.
About your work, it´s getting better and better. Don´t wanna miss it.
Greets from Germany

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hendrik. I started to watch Part 1 of the FLASH/ARROW crossover regarding Vandal Savage. And it was like watching a re-run of the St. Dumas fanatics arriving in GOTHAM!

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