Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wonder Woman and Captain America in: "Cheating... with Cheetah!"

Longtime followers of this blog know that from time to time I will revisit team-ups that I have featured before, sometimes presenting them in a new adventure and sometimes continuing off from where I left them last.  There is only one real ongoing saga, however - that is the marriage of Captain America and Wonder Woman.  This is the 8th cover featuring the official couple of STF and there will definitely be more to come.  To make them easier to see all at once, I have listened to a follower request and created a new label that you can click on: WW/Cap.


AirDave said...

It is so cool to see a team-up like this revisited!
I would imagine that Cheetah has warped the good Captain's mind somehow...

Have you brought together all of the patriots like Commander Steel, Liberty Belle, Miss America, the Captain and Wonder Woman?

Ross said...

Individually, but not as a team.

Darci said...

It could easily be the story from Wonder Woman #160 (Feb 1966), although that's Barbara Minerva, not the original Cheetah.

Anonymous said...

@ Air Dave: I blame it on the feline pheromones.

Michael said...

Thank you for keeping your creations going with this series... and as a fan of this pairing.. I'll look forward to the next one. ;)
Keep up the great work.

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