Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Legion of Super-Pets and Lockjaw

The prospect of an Inhumans movie is an exciting one, even if it is still years away.  I am especially looking forward to Lockjaw joining Rocket Racoon, Cosmo and Howard the Duck in Marvel's growing stable of animal superheroes on the big screen.  I have always thought the teleporting pooch was such a cool character in concept and appearance and it will be a treat to see him become the next scene stealer.


Anonymous said...

hey, Ross, maybe this should have included the entire membership of the Pet Avengers... you know... Ms. Lyon, Redwing, Zabu, Lockheed, Throg, Hairball and Lockjaw.... just a thought... later.... jack-el

Greg Morrow said...

Pet Avengers and/versus the Legion of Super-Pets would be pretty cool.

"Kang and the Lord of Time have turned the Space Canine Patrol Agents evil. Now super-pets must unite to save TWO UNIVERSES!"

Anonymous said...

Shame on you! How could you have Mr. Mind as the villain, and not include Mr. Talky-Tawny as part of the FTA theme?


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