Sunday, March 22, 2015

Batman & Robin Get Smart!

This is a crossover that I think could have actually worked as a TV special in the 60's.  Maxwell Smart would not have seemed out of place at all if he dropped into Gotham City for a visit. Thanks to Back Issue's Michael Eury for another great suggestion!


AirDave said...

Batman '66 is an awesome comic book! If you're not reading it - you should be!

I had no idea that there was a Get Smart comic book! There were only eight issues, but I'm sure it was awesome. I found a couple of the paperback novels at a garage sale once. They were hilarious!

Thanks to Back Issue's Michael Eury, this would definitely be a hit!

Isaac said...

Why that's the second greatest cover I've ever seen!

BERT said...

Been waiting for this for about 40 years, when I discovered both shows in syndication as a young child.
All due respect to Michael Eury, but if I can find a drawing I did from the early 80s with this very team up, I will scan and send to you!

I would like to see a Mort Drucker MAD style pastiche of this team-up!

Bob Greenwade said...

You're totally right, Ross -- this team-up, using Adam West's Batman, would have meshed just perfectly. I can almost hear Burt Ward's Robin expressing concern about Smart's bumbling, Batman reassuring him that the man is a professional and a government employee and thus deserving of some respect and leeway, and Robin putting it to rest.

As for the cover, I tend to look for art that meshes well together, and I have to say that you missed it by that much. :)

John Platt said...

Too bad you didn't save this for issue 1086.

AirDave said...

...And...loving it!

Anonymous said...

Ah, how fondly I remember GET SMART!

Especially, Bernie Kopell as Enemy Agent Siegfried yelling: "Schartker! This is KAOS. We don't [sound of Bronx cheer), here!"

Bob Buethe said...

Sorry about that, Chief O'Hara!

C.C. said...

Is there a reason that "Kidnapped BY Kaos" isn't in the title "Batman & Robin Get Smart"?
Today's Cap/WW cover has "Cheating... With Cheetah!" attached to it.
I was just wondering if you intentionally leave off story titles on some postings.
Also do you have a private "suggestion box" that fans can send 2 specific images that they would like to see combined into a cover that the general public wouldn't see as a spoiler?

Ross said...

I only include the story title when I feature a team-up that I have used before, so that there are not 2 different posts with called the same thing.

you can use the email link in my profile to send a private message.

Ken Roskos said...

I know you recently did Batman and Star Trek, but can you picture Adam West's Batman coming up against Shatner's Kirk? "Who - can - drag - a sentence out... the longest?"

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