Monday, March 23, 2015

Hawkman and The Falcon in "Alien Inheritance!"

I loved watching The Falcon in Captain America: the Winter Soldier and I am hoping to see a lot more of him.  It sounds like I may get my wish as Anthony Mackie is in the cast list for Avengers: The Age of Ultron and is rumored to also possible be making an appearance in Ant-Man.  I thought I might have to wait until Captain America: Civil War to watch him take flight again, but it looks as though there will be some cool Falcon action before then.

These two crossed paths once before, way back in STF #41.


AirDave said...

The only thing better would be if Falcon's wings were from Fiethera, or that he were in some way related to Northwind...from Infinity, Inc.

I'm trying not to know anything about Avengers 2 before I see it. I want to blown away by the experience.

I wonder if Hawkman will make a return to the small screen on Arrow or The Flash...?

Anonymous said...

Nice depiction. In fact, the premise would make an equally nice lead-in for a hypothetical part 2! Say, a three-for-all between Hawkman, the Black Panther, and Lionmane?

Marc H said...

Was thinking a bit about your last Nick Fury cover. The classic Fury is perfect for that situation, but I can see the Samuel L. Jackson Fury in a slightly different situation: Fury is dedicated and ruthless, but I think a little less willing to cross some moral lines than say DC's Amanda Waller of Cadmus. I can see Fury keeping tabs on supers and having contingency plans but that's more in the line of how Batman thinks than Waller with her suicide squad and such.

Frankly I can see Fury deciding that Waller has gone too far and decides to shut her down hard.

That would be a stare down even Batman would envy.

Ross said...

Fury and Waller are scheduled to meet in a future STF...

Isaac said...

Man, I hope it's classic Wall!

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