Friday, March 6, 2015

Raven Vs. Galactus

Continued from yesterday's cover, we finally see which Titan Galactus has had his eye on since way back in STF #241 from November 2012.  This was a story thread that I left dangling and always wanted to return to.  With Raven's abilities to sense the emotions from others, she could become the type of herald that would be able to lead the World Devourer to planets with non-sentient life.  Trigon, however, might have something to say about his daughter's new position!


AirDave said...

Aw, there you go! Setting up a Trigon-Galactus future face off!! Awesome!

Very cool cover!

C.C. said...

Wow! What a beautiful cover! Byrne & Perez always go great together.
Looking forward to more mash-ups with both of them in the future.
Galactus's logo looks great just like Raven's which we don't see enough of(I guess her proposed CW show is 100% dead now).:(
I would so run out and buy this today if it was available in stores.
If your fans doesn't think this isn't one of your top 10 covers ever,then surely they would agree that it is one of your top 10 to feature a super-heroine!
Like AirDave said,I hope you have Trigon v.s. Galactus coming soon(with Raven battling the female Nova).

Ross said...

I agree, CC - Byrne and Perez have different art styles but for some reason seem to mesh together well. Thanks for the kind comments.

Simon Dyer said...


Anonymous said...

Nice premise! Reminds me of the time Galactus and Agamotto got into a cosmic knock-down/drag-out over Dr. Strange.

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