Friday, November 29, 2013

Wolverine Vs. Snake Eyes

I saw a recent unused scene that was featured as an extra on the Blu-Ray release of The Wolverine.  It showed Logan being given a box to open up, and inside is the classic Wolverine costume from the comics.  Now, I am not sure how that would look with someone wearing it, but it definitely looks cool right there.  Sadly, it seems that this was just included as a nod to the fans, and we shouldn't expect to see Logan suiting up any time soon.  I'd love to see them try to give it a shot, though.


Bob Greenwade said...

I think it would be worthwhile to have Hugh Jackman suit up in that outfit just for a DVD extra.

Nice cover, by the way. Snake Eyes was one of my favorite Joes in the old GI Joe cartoon series, and it's nice to see him featured. One-on-one I don't think he'd stand a chance against Logan, but he'd probably last long enough for some of the other Joes to get something done (whether it's come to his aid, lock down the facility, or whatever).

St. James the Lesser said...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I can see that as the start of a comic crossover mini-series! I'm not a big G.I. Joe fan, but I can still sense the thrill this would generate. I can't really afford to buy comics anymore, so I've been limiting myself to just getting crossover comics and What If?'s. That's why I appreciate your site so much.

Chris Lawton said...

Ceck out the wolverine costume in action here:

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