Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kamandi and The Sub-Mariner (Part Two)

We have seen brief glimpses of undersea worlds in films like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and The Abyss, but there has yet to be a big blockbuster that features an underwater civilization as its centerpiece.  Underwater filming is difficult and expensive, so it is no surprise.  Still, I think that special effects are finally at a place where a huge undersea epic could finally be realized.  Who will be the first superhero to take advantage, Sub-Mariner or Aquaman?  I think it rests with the rights for Namor - if he his with Marvel Studios, then he's a sure bet to make it to the big screen first, and if  he is tied up with the Fantastic Four at 20th Century Fox, then Aquaman has a fighting chance.


Count Drunkula said...

"It's Not Attuma!"

Oh, that makes me so happy!

AirDave said...

"It's Not Attuma"! HA! HA!!!
I would think that Marvel or Fox would be working double-fast to get Namor to the screen. Aquaman still pretty much a punch line at Warner Bros. - even though the comic is pretty good. At least, i think the comic book is pretty good. I may be the only one reading it.

I see that in the animated adaptation of The New 52 Justice League Origin, Aquaman has been been swapped out for Shazam! - isn't he pretty much both Superman and Wonder Woman? What does he bring that Aquaman doesn't?

Mike D. said...

Genius ...your mastery of slight parody and satire is understated.

BigMike20X6 said...
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BigMike20X6 said...

Holy crap, it's West Side Story gone mad! The Sharks and the Jets have MERGED! RUN!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is a great two-part (or three part?) epic. It's amazing how well Jack Kirby's Namor fits in with Kamandi. It looks like Kirby drew it all in one sitting. That would have been an interesting team-up.
Kirby's Sub-Mariner was always my favorite version. He captured the anger, the unpredictable quality of Namor better than anybody. Those first couple fights he had with Iron Man...sheesh. They looked like street brawls. (I've seen and been in a few). Those guys did NOT like each other.
On another note, Kirby's Kamandi was my first introduction to the guy's work. The earlier stuff I saw later in reprints. My mom bought that issue for me, when I was five or so, the one with the mutated Russian cosmonaut ...scared the dickens outta me.

Anonymous said...

If not Aquaman, how about a remake of "Capt. Nemo & The Underwater City?"


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