Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catwoman and The Black Widow

I'm looking forward to Black Widow's role in next summers' Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Even though this will be Scarlett Johansson's third film outing as the super spy, I have a feeling it will be the first time the character will really have a chance to shine.  I liked her in Iron Man 2, but she didn't have much screen time.  She was utilized much better in The Avengers, but was still overshadowed by so many heavy hitters.  The next Captain America film promises to follow the excellent Ed Brubaker comics, with a more down to Earth feel than The Avengers had.  I liked how the Black Widow was handled in those stories, so I am optimistic about the film adaptation.


AirDave said...

Cool team-up! Surprised you hadn't done this one yet...

There were moments where Black Widow seemed vulnerable in The Avengers. Overwhelmed to be with the Big Guns. That was pretty cool to see as a balance of her being tough. I like the idea that this next film will have Black Widow, Captain America and The Falcon! Sure it's a Cap sequel, but a nice ensemble piece, too. Hopefully Redford will be a good addition.

Isaac said...

Great cover Ross. Now if you can see your way to teaming up Black Widow with Talia Al Ghul that would be awesome sauce!

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