Friday, November 8, 2013

Amethyst and Beta Ray Bill

When you want to read a comic that features plenty of large scale battle scenes, you're really in luck if it is illustrated by Walt Simonson.  He's been impressing me for decades with his ability to make comic panels burst with movement and energy through his signature style.  I am glad that his current work as well as the renewed interest in Thor is bringing his talents to a whole new generation of fans.


Leftoffthedial said...

Here's an idea: Both Phantom Lady and Blue Beetle have had various incarnations going back to the 1940s-how about two of them from different incarnations meet each other!

As for Walt Simonson-one of my first favorite things from him was his Manhunter from the 1970s;

Anonymous said...

Wow, that cover looks awesome. Nicely done.


Bob Greenwade said...

It's nice to see Amethyst in here again (I had to click the tag link to remember her team-up with Xena last April). I remember reading her comic when it first came out.

You know how I've been wanting to see characters from the Champions RPG in here? Well, I do think it might be interesting to see Amethyst team up with Sapphire. That cover would be a real gem.

(Another possibility that's occurred to me recently is to show Lex Luthor standing in front of the cover for Foxbat for President, saying, "Hey, it could be worse!")

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful cover.

Anonymous said...

The sequel had its premier in NYC last night. If there is a third one, I really hope they introduce the character BetaRayBill. My first Thor comic was HIM taking over the title. So I always preferred reading his exploits over Thor.

AirDave said...

Just saw Thor = awesome!!! Really liked it. I'd like to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman before a Batman/Superman movie. I'm a DC fan, but Marvel is getting my money.

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