Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nightcrawler and Hellboy

I first became a fan of John Cassiday's art with his work on The Authority.  That series showcased his ability to depict photo-realistic wide scale scenes of action and destruction and characters that are at once grounded and heroic looking.  I have enjoyed his work on various Characters like Batman, Captain America and The X-Men, and it's always a treat to see him tackle a new project.


Bob Greenwade said...

Nice! The only flaw in this cover is that the guys are lit from opposite sides. That's more of an observation than a complaint, though; you do have rather limited resources, by the very nature of this page. Other than that one thing, it's flawless -- and the story would be a real corker, no doubt.

Ross said...

There's a big glowing orb floating in front of them, you just can't see it because of the camera angle. It's clear when you read the story, though. Remember, to get a coveted STF-Prize, you must not only point out a flaw, but show how it really isn't a flaw at all!

StarDragon77 said...

I'm so loving the look of this one.

Although, another picture I'd like to see is Hellblazer (John Constantine) with Hellboy.

Cary Comic said...

Now, as then, I think that the Silver Age Night-Crawler (who once fought the Hulk) would have been a much more appropriate choice as Kurt Wagner's birth-father. It would certainly explain his being such an improbability magnet for magical happenings and beings!

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