Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Elongated Man and Mr. Fantastic

Stretching can often be seen as one of the goofier powers, so I am glad that emphasis was also put on the intellect of these two heroes.  Reed Richards of course is one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe.  Even without his cosmic ray induced abilities, his ability for invention would probably still keep him in the middle of plenty of super-heroic adventures.  Ralph Dibny is definitely a lighter character, but his nose for mystery and investigative skills give him a bit more of an edge.  I always liked it when he was in a JLA story without Batman and had to step up as the detective of the group.


AirDave said...


I kind of suspect that Ralph was given the short straw in "52", because, like Hourman, his powers are not natural, but chemical induced. The downside of Hourman is that he's a pill-popper. Which was later interpreted as being an addict. Ralph gets his powers from drinking. That might not be such a good image to have. Still, I like Ralph as much as Eel and Reed.

Have you already brought together Reed, Eel, Ralph, Jimmy and Rubber Duck? That would be a fun team-up to see!

Bob Greenwade said...

There's something else I just noticed that these two have in common: they both have public, not secret, identities. Everyone in the Marvel Universe knows that Mister Fantastic is Reed Richards, and everyone in the DC Universe knows that the Elongated Man is Ralph Dibny.

As for this cover, this is one of your more brilliant treatments -- picture, title, blurb, and all the rest.

Hoy Murphy said...

Also, both are married to women named Sue. Now that might be a good team-up!

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