Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orion Vs. The Hulk

Here are a couple of guys who each have warring sides to their personalities that they must contend with every day, and that might make for an interesting team up.  They are both Jack Kirby designs as well, and their adventures revolve around super science as much as brute force.  Yeah, I think these two would find that they have plenty of common ground - once they stopped beating the snot out of one another!


Strategy said...

I had no idea Jack Kirby designed the Hulk. What an impact this man had on post-WW2 modern American culture.

Isaac said...

@Strategy - Actually you should think about the Marvel characters he Didn't design or have a hand in. That number is small indeed. I'm talking about the Silver age ones of course.

Anonymous said...

Just POST WW2?

Kirby created Captain America BEFORE the US was in WWII.

Kirby had Cap punch out Hitler on the cover while some in America's right wing wanted the US to be friends with Hitler.

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