Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jarvis meets C3PO and R2D2

I came up with this as one of my off the wall combinations, but now that Disney owns the rights to all the characters, maybe it isn't such a crazy idea after all.  They will all be back on the big screen in a couple of summers, anyway - with the return of the Star Wars franchise and The Avengers returning in what promises to be a tech-heavy sequel  (Jarvis being relegated to a robotic voice over for the films).


Michael Jones said...

I'd like to see C3PO end up as the lovechild of Ultron and Jocasta.

AirDave said...

This is why I LOVE comic books! You can have your serious, months-long, multi-issue, crosses-over-with-every-title-storyline, but just give me a fun done-in-one and I'm good.

One of the books that I re-read is Batman: The Brave and the Bold. On my pull list is the new Aquaman, right next to Scooby Doo and Batman '66. Three issues in, and I can not recommend Batman '66 enough!

As much as I would like to see a live Jarvis, it makes sense now that Stark would develop Ultron. Ultron is like Batman developing the Omac system. In a perfect world, Hank Pym would be an Avenger, and build Ultron; but Ultron has to be a good idea gone bad.

...I just hope J. J. Abrams doesn't screw Star Wars up worse. I hope he brings it back around to the original trilogy. That was some good stuff!

Mike Shirley said...

See, it's teamups like these that keep me coming back everyday. I like Spidey and the Avengers and such but it's the supporting crew and obscure heroes that I truly love. This is a teamup for the ages :D

Bob Buethe said...

Where's George Takei?

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