Friday, September 20, 2013

Green Arrow Vs. The Beast

Well, The Beast has mutated once again in the pages of the comics.  I still think that his classic Bronze Age look, featured here, works the best - but at least his current appearance is a step up from the "kittycat" years that lasted way too long.  Still, since the X-Men films model their Beast after the classic look, I'm surprised that Marvel would not want to follow suit.


AirDave said...

Cool team-up!

I had seen Stan Lee's Secret Origins and Son of Secret origins and house ads, but I was not familiar with the X-Men until the Titans/X-men crossover. The first time I saw The Beast, he was an Avenger. It was that awesome late '70's Perez line-up. The one right before he bolted for the Justice League and then the Titans. I had no idea that Hank was an X-Man. There wasn't all the angst and teen drama in The Avengers, just action, and lots of it. I bailed on The Avengers when Hank Pym got arrested. That was the last straw.

I like X-Men, but I think I like the original, classic X-Men more than any recent incarnation. I did read The Age of Apocalypse event in the '90's. That was pretty cool.

I'm still trying to get into Arrow. I've missed a few episodes, so, maybe I can get caught up on Netflix.

Bob Greenwade said...

This is an interesting-looking story idea. It certainly teases the curiosity.

(However you did misspell "possessions." Hey, nobody's perfect.)

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