Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Justice League of America and The Silver Surfer

There aren't a lot of Marvel Heroes that could give the JLA a run for their money, but I think The Surfer has enough raw power to really do some damage.  This would especially be the case if he took them by surprise and they were not aware of his ability.  It's easy to underestimate a naked guy on a surfboard, after all. Anyway, it would be a fun battle up until the point where they realize it was all based on a crazy misunderstanding and decided to unite against the real villain.


Bob Greenwade said...

Ah, the old "heroes meet, fight, sort things out, and then team up" trope -- as Stan Lee's Flash put it, "Just like in the comics!"

(I'd still love it if you could figure out a way to sneak her into a cover. Maybe she and Speed Bump -- my accident-prone speedster -- could be a backup feature or something.)

Anonymous said...

how about a real dc comics and hunger games crossover. and a marvel comic percy Jackson crossover, as well.

Ross said...

Those are tough without comic images to use.

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