Monday, August 26, 2013

Batman and The Thing (And More!)

For the 500th issue, I thought I would go back to my roots and feature the two original stars of this blog.  It's no secret why I focused on Batman and Thing-centric team ups  early on, as they are my favorite characters from each company.

Well, Batman has been on the news plenty this week with word that Ben Affleck would be taking over the cowl for the Man of Steel Sequel and potential other films.  I don't have the instant hate that many do for Affleck and I an cautiously optimistic to see what he will do with the role.  He is one of my favorite current directors - I love all three of his films - so the idea that he may go on to direct a solo Batman film down the road has me intrigued, I think he is a great choice for that.  He hasn't done a big effects heavy film yet though, so I don't know if he would be a perfect fit to direct the inevitable JLA film.  I actually didn't mind him as Daredevil, the problems with that film were with the rest of the casting, script and direction... and besides, that was a decade ago, his recent performances have shown him grow as an actor.  At any rate, I am ready for a new incarnation of Batman - this time with more emphasis on the detective aspects, and with a better costume (and one that doesn't retire every time he has a bad day).

The Thing is due to return in a FF reboot as well, but nothing I have heard about that film, from casting to direction, gives me much confidence yet.  Hopefully he will at least be created with CG this time around.


AirDave said...

Dave sez,

Incredible! Congratulations on 500 issues!

For years, I thought Adam West was the bomb as Batman. Then comedian Michael Keaton was cast. Then Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale. Those are just the live action actors. There are a ton of actors that have done voice work as Batman for cartoons. Ben Affleck can't be any worse than the '60's Batman TV show or George Clooney. His Daredevil was pretty good - the story could have been better.

Hopefully, the FF reboot will be good.

Here's to another 500 issues of The Lost Issues!

Count Drunkula said...

Another great cover, Ross. Love the team up and the inserts on the side. Great stuff for the 500th issue.

I pretty much agree with everything in your write-up. I have almost never been happy about a casting announcement, but sometimes a performance I didn't think would work surprises me. Maybe Ben Affleck will do something interesting with Batman, but since I hated MAN OF STEEL, I really don't care.

I hope an FF reboot works, but like you, I haven't heard or seen much to fill me with hope.

John Platt said...

Congrats on # 500!

And now I want to see Krazy Kat vs the Yellow Kid!

Ross said...

You just may get your wish...

The Groovy Agent said...

Congratulations for reaching your 500 milestone! This is one of the best, most unique blogs around and boy do I love it! I never miss "an ish" and today's is the best evah! Love the "extra" team-ups you put together for this one, and boy, wouldn't I love to see Barda and Katniss against the Hunger Dogs. That would be mind-blowing!

Keep up the far-out work!

Bob Greenwade said...

What an outstanding cover for #500. Congratulations, and nice work.

When the first Fantastic Four film was in pre-production, the role of Ben Grimm was sent out to casting websites and open for about two days. I almost applied for the role, but later was glad I didn't -- not because it was bad (which I don't think it was), but because the sequel was really bad, and because Michael Chiklis did much better with it than I would have (though I do think I would have done a good job).

As for Affleck as Batman, I'm taking the same wait-and-see position that you are. However, I'm of the opinion that Batman, as well as Spider-Man, really would work better in a TV series -- both heroes have such large, varied, and fascinating lineups of recurring foes that they just can't be covered in a film once every three years before the actor ages out of the role.

My family and I saw the Daredevil film, and we thought it was OK. Ben was actually just about decent in the title role, but I thought Jennifer Garner was great as Elektra and Michael Clarke Duncan was a pleasant surprise as Wilson Fisk. Overall I'd grade it at C+.

And, like John, I'd look forward to that Krazy Kat/Yellow Kid crossover.

Anonymous said...

I am going to wait, until I see the batman/superman movie, before I judge ben. but for daredevil,I say that the director`s cut of the movie is better,than what was seen in the theathers.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the "wait and see" crowd on the whole Batfleck thing.

I really want to read the Barda/Katniss one for some reason. :)

And a hearty congratulations on 500!


pblfsda said...

I'll take a Krazy Kat/Yellow Kid team, but I would have thought Yellow Kid would be teaming with one of his contemporaries like Buster Brown, Foxy Grandpa, the Katzenjammers or the Kewpies. If you're considering classic strip characters I'm all for a Little Nemo/Gaiman's Sandman/Nightmask cover. (Actually, what I really want to see is Nemo's Flip meeting Matthew the Raven but an exchange of dialogue isn't what makes a good cover.)
And Devil Dinosaur is like the pizza of team-up candidates. Who doesn't like pizza? And, yes, it's true that Hawkman winds up fighting dinosaurs way more than anybody remembers (didn't he fight one in the "Wednesday Comics" series?). But I'd like to see Devil take on somebody closer to his own turf-- like Turok or Alley Oop.
And hey, why should Batman worry about what "Mayor Grimm" has to say? Back when comics were 100 pages for 60¢, wasn't Bruce Wayne briefly a senator?

Wow, over 1000 posts, 500 of them as Super-Team Family. Have you heard from any fan fiction forums saying they've received submissions attempting to script any of your hypothetical scenarios? It would raise interesting questions about original concepts. But I'm happy with the covers. They're the Kilgore Trout version of comics.

Gary said...

Hawkman vs. Devil Dinosaur? First good use of the Hawk in forever!

SmearySoapboxPress said...

Congrats on #500!

I have a special fondness for this issue, since it was based on B&B #113, on of the first B&B issues I found, and maybe the first "100 pages" comic, too! I especially liked how you modified the sidebar stories from that issue for your bonus tales! Some nicely done nostalgia...

GF said...

Nice anniversary cover. I was a fan of both team up titles, and rarely did they disappoint. About A fleck as Batman....well, WB screwed up by allowing Burton to cast Keaton, so at this point, there's no surprise in weak-voiced, lantern jawed A fleck in the next rubber suit.

I will wait for the inevitable next reboot.

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