Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Batman and Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos

Now this is how Dark Knight Rises should have ended!  There have been reports that Warner Brothers is trying to woo Christian Bale back to play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel with ungodly amounts of money.  While it would be cool to see Bale and Henry Cavill together at the World's Finest heroes, tying Man of Steel into the Dark Knight trilogy will raise a lot of questions.  For instance, where was Clark when Gotham City was held under siege for months on end? Not to mention how Wayne is even back when he gave his fortune and mantle to another. It's probably best to begin anew with a fresh Gotham and a younger Batman.


Anonymous said...

Kinda hard to focus on THIS cover, when I'm eagerly anticipating cover #500!!!

AirDave said...

Great cover!

I'm avoiding all news of this Man of Steel sequel with Batman. I have "Public Enemies" on DVD, the trade paperback and the original issues. I can pick up a World's Finest trade any time.

I think it's hilarious that Marvel is going to have a raccoon with a machine gun cleaning up at the box office before a Justice League film ever will.

Bring on Super-team Family #500!

Rip Jagger said...

I agree. Getting Bale to do another one would undermine the story arc of the three movies. He's moved on. That was the point. To have him return would not be wise.

A new face under the cowl is required.

Rip Off

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