Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mister Miracle and The Black Panther

It looks lik DC is finally re-introducing the Fourth World characters that they had killed off a few years back.  First, Orion started showing up in Wonder Woman, and now Mister Miracle and Big Barda look to be making their return in Earth 2, of all places.  I will say that the New 52 costume for Scott Free looks great, one of the few new designs that is an improvement over the original (and I am a fan of that one as well).  It will be interesting to find out what writer James Robinson has in store for the world's greatest escape artist.


AirDave said...

Definitely another (Kirby) masterpiece cover!

As much as I want to stay interested in DC characters, it is challenging and difficult. I'm not a fan of what they are doing with the characters and who they are aiming what they are doing at.

Marvel is nearly impenetrable with so many different titles and flavors of characters and teams.

That's why I think I'm becoming more of a nostalgic comic fan. Give me classic interpretations of my favorite characters. I think the Omnibus, Essentials and Classic collections are where I'll be more and more.

Ziptango said...

I didn't know Kirby drew the Black Panther. What did that man NOT draw. BTW, Ross, did you get to see the drawings that Jack Kirby did for the CIA as part of operation Argo (movie last summer was based on it.) Google it, truly outstanding and bizarre.

Ross said...

Kirby did a whole run with the Panther, I am sure it has been collected. Yeah, I saw those Argo drawings, cool stuff!

Bob Greenwade said...

If you hadn't said anything yesterday about switching software, I don't think I ever would have known the difference. This is another great cover, and an interesting-looking story idea.

Ross said...

Yeah,as I said it took me a little time to get the hang of PS, so you won't notice much of a difference right away.

e1e2t3 said...

The Black Panther debuted in the Kirby drawn Fantastic Four.

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