Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Booster Gold and Kang

Time travel in comics and films can be a tricky thing.  Each time it is presented as a story element, the laws of time travelling are slightly different.  The key is in setting down ground rules for your story and then sticking to them.  The Characters presented on this cover are some examples of where the plot device has been used effectively, for action, humor or both.  One can only imagine what kind of trouble they would stir up if they all shared an adventure together.


Anonymous said...

My money's on Fry. :)

Doc Brown and Tennant Doctor Who... I would pay good money to see that meeting.


Michael Bruner co-owner National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention said...

This is AWESOME ! All the cameo's of Hollywood's time travelers ? BRILLIANT !

Of Note: I would purchase this issue of the shelf in a heartbeat if it was real.

pblfsda said...

Wel-l-l, not all of Hollywood's time travelers. Even amongst the TV characters I didn't notice Phineas Bogg and Jeff from "Voyagers!" or the cast of "Fantastic Journey". And characters like Fry from "Futurama" and Buck Rogers may be out of their proper time, but they're hibernators; Fry was cryogenically frozen and Buck was preserved by gas in a cave, if I remember correctly.

I'm much more impressed at how many of these film characters use realistic looking comic art rather than their more easily located cartoon depictions, such as Evan Dorkin's Bill and Ted or the Harvey Comics' Marty McFly. Ross, are those really photos given a comics-like texture or did you find drawn/painted versions as sources?

Ross said...

Fry has done plenty of time travelling in the course of the show to be fair.

Yup, I used traditional photos and dropped a "poster edges" filter over them.

Bob Greenwade said...

The above Anonymous marked Doc Brown's meeting with the 10th Doctor as awesome, but really, the great pairing between Doc and the Doctor would be with the current incarnation. Remember, in BTTF3, Doc fell for a woman named Clara... which also happens to be the name of the Time Lord Doctor's current companion. Now, that would be an adventure worth seeing!

worldmusic said...

I was in the 5rd grade when NBC debuted The Voyagers tv series, and it was so awesome. Only recently you could now find some episodes uploaded on youtube. Our Social Studies teacher in my catholic school rearranged her history lessons to coincide with each episode!! It was such a tragedy when the actor who played Boggs died tragically on the set during filming of the second season. To this day, that was my favorite science fiction show.

Anonymous said...

What??? No Doug and Tony from Irwin Allen's THE TIME TUNNEL?

For shame, Ross!

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