Thursday, April 25, 2013

Darkseid Vs. The Avengers

Darkseid always seemed like he was a Marvel  villain to me.  Maybe it was because he was created by Jack Kirby, or that he had multiple superhero rivalries rather than be content to have a single super-heroic  arch foe, or perhaps it's because the first place he made a real impression on me was the X-Men Vs. The New Teen Titans one shot.  Whatever the reason, he is one villain that I think would fit right in with the Marvel Universe, and it would be fun to see what he would do when put up against their greatest heroes.


MOCK! said...

Another great composition! Perfect font choices, too!

AirDave said...

I love Darkseid's mad eye!

Cool cover.
I was never much into Kirby or The New God's growing up, until Darkseid and Phoenix teamed-up against the X-Men and Titans. Looking back, I'm surprised that neither Perez or Byrne were on board as penciller for that one...maybe Perez was hard at work on Crisis and other Titans stuff at the time...

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