Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Green Lantern Vs. Thor

Ah, Thor battling with his helmet on and Green Lantern looking like a hero and not a disco dancer, two things I am still waiting to see on the big screen.  Thor: The Dark World looks to be fun, but I don't think his iconic helmet will even get the 5 second cameo it had in the first one, a decision that just annoys me.  After the failure of Green Lantern, a sequel is highly unlikely and we will probably have to wait for a JLA movie to see GL again - which might not even be Hal Jordan.  Hopefully they will have revamped his costume then, with a properly shaped mask and much less dependence on pulsating, glowing lines.


Anonymous said...

On the GL movie:
Seriously, the spend how much money to greenscreen and make a CG costume, and it looked like it was made of glowing asparagus? Ugh.


AirDave said...

Now that is a cool cover!
Not that any of the one's before have been slackers...

The helmet might be a sticking point, but I think we can all be happy that we are seeing Thor on the big screen - in a sequel. Who'd'a thunk it? The Hulk - a hard sell on the big screen? Two strikes for The Hulk, and what could be a second hit for Thor?

I'm beginning to think that an ensemble film is the way that the Justice League works. Marvel played to their strengths, and DC needs to do that. All of my favorite Justice League stories are ensemble pieces. With the write script, and the right director, and a decent line-up, a live action Justice League film could work. As long as Andy Sirkis "plays" the Martian Manhunter; or they find cast a black actor and use that Avatar technology to play up the shape-changing ability. I will pass completely on seeing it if Cyborg is part of the lineup. The League I want to see needs to be the classic Magnificent Seven.

Anonymous said...

Ross, how do you do that "faded image" thing when you do a cover like this? Trade secret? How about another tutorial?

Ross said...

Photoshop has an opacity filter, this cover was the first time I tried it.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked Ryan Reynolds a lot better, as GL, than I did Hemsworth as Thor.

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