Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Doom Patrol and The Fantastic Four

I was really digging how the Doom Patrol seemed to be getting back to basics prior to the New 52 reboot.  Sadly, they seem to be another casualty.  Robotman has appeared in a somewhat altered form, but I don't know how long it will be before we see the proper Doom Patrol in action again.  The Fantastic Four are about to  get a new series, along with the rest of the Marvel Universe with the Marvel Now titles just on the horizon.  I am not sure what the new creative team has in store, but the title looks to be focusing on family and adventure, so that's a good start!


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Very nice transitioning of images here on the cover, but it helps when both images share the same artist.

Still, this really would be a cool as hell team-up. I can only imagine what Dr.Doom would say on the matter of a group of heroes running around with his name. Fun to think about.

What is fun to think about is what happened to them post-reboot as you pointed out. There was nothing wrong with them during Giffen's run that made it necessary to disregard all that and end up where they're at now in limbo. I'm sure they'll be back, because they always come back, but I'm worried what they'll look and sound like when they do show back up in the Nu52:(

pblfsda said...

The images aren't just from the same artist, they're almost contemporary, just a few years apart. I might have "mirrored" or "flipped" the FF to make it more of a confrontation than a haunting, but Reed's arms being on the left make for better balance, visually.

I've heard all kinds of hints about individual Doom Patrol members in the Nu52, such as Danny the Street in "Teen Titans" or "Superboy" and someone mentioning Niles Caulder in the Ravagers' origin. Considering how many of the characters have been senselessly altered, I sometimes suspect that the DP, Metal Men and others got off easy by "spending a year dead for tax purposes". The 1985-1986 Crisis at least made its errors on the side of coherency. What was the point of changing Gar Logan from all-green to all-red? If they wanted to drop the unnatural solid color altogether so that he could do something undercover, then making things easier for lazy writers would at least be a rational reason for their decision. What was the sense in just changing to another color? How often can he disguise himself as a lobster?

Anonymous said...

the green ape or green hawk werent for undercover they just kept whatever color he was

artemus dada said...

Very good idea, very nice !

GF said...

Great! Like the Doom Patrol's natural parallel to the X-Men, they can fit into F.F. stories just as easily. Personally, since you're using the Byrne-era F.F., I would used the short-lived 70s Doom Patrol reboot versions. Still, a compelling crossover!

Anonymous said...

Lots of fans tend to point to a Doom Patrol/X-men connection but I feel like Doom Patrol and Fantastic Four have an equally strong link especially when you compare the characters.

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