Thursday, October 4, 2012

Black Canary and The Beast

The Beast is one Marvel character that I am surprised has never been given a shot at his own ongoing series. He is super agile, has a brilliant mind and has ties to the Avengers, Defenders and The X-Men (OK, that last thing isn't so rare anymore, with Marvel mixing and matching most of it's teams recently).  I think there are a world of story opportunities with Hank McCoy and he could definitely support his own title.  Black Canary has had her own title, but I do feel she works better when interacting with other heroes, like Green Arrow, The Birds of Prey, or the Justice League.  These characters are both victims of unflattering redesigns  - Hank still looks like a kitty cat and Dinah has one of the ugliest costumes in the New 52 - so I hope they both return to something closer to their classic looks from the 80's.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

It's been fun to see Black Canary on Young Justice and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. I like that she has a certain place in the Batman mythos, like Zatanna did in Batman: The Animated Series.

Young Justice is not just a great series - I think it's a pretty cool Teen Titans series - but it's a nice view of a DCUniverse...maybe not the one most fans are familiar with, but still pretty cool.

The Beast was a really cool character in X-Men: First Class! The effects were really cool, his origin was cool! From the buzz on Second Class - that it will be an adaptation of Days of Future Past - I hope to see Patrick Stewart in the future, and James McAvoy in the past...and The Beast somewhere in there...Maybe Kelsey Grammer will be back as The Beast.G

Dougie said...

The Beast did star in his own ongoing series- Amazing Adventures in the early 70s. It's where the grey,furry Beast made his d├ębut. It just wasn't ongoing for very long nor particularly amazing. ( I read just one issue with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants- Mastermind totally loses it. As usual).

Anonymous said...

what possible red sonja teamups have you cooked up and when bout will we see em also how bout more halloween themes such as evil ernie and blue devil or legion of monsters and legion of super heroes or man wolf and timber wolf

Ross said...

Dougie, Yeah, I'm aware of that run in Amazing Adventures, but I think he's grown a lot since then and deserves his own self-titled series.

Anonymous - Look for Red Sonja in #313 and #498. You'll be seeing Man-Wolf and Legion of monsters as well.

Isaac said...

Why not Black Canary and Mockingbird? Didn't you just do one with Green Arrow and Hawkeye?

Ross said...

I do have a Black Canary/Mockingbird cover coming up. You haven't seen the last of Green Arrow and Hawkeye either.

Anonymous said...

Possible alternate title: "Birdy and the Beast" ;)


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