Friday, October 5, 2012

Justice League of America and The Squadron Supreme

George Perez' run on Justice League of America was way too short.  It was the best the book had ever looked and after only a few issues, he left to concentrate on New Teen Titans.  While that obviously turned out to be a wise move on his part, I always hoped he would return to the JLA one day.  Prez is still at the top of his game, so perhaps it will still happen sometime down the line.  I've seen his rendition of The Squadron Supreme in The Avengers and he is great on those JLA-inspired heroes as well.  How cool would it be to see Perez illustrate a JLA/Squadron team up?


Lizard said...

I really enjoyed JLA vs. Avengers, especially the part where Hawkeye, pondering how "these guys seem awfully familiar...", eventually concluded that they were "lame Squadron Supreme ripoffs". This was further compound when Flash easily caught his boomerang arrow, leading to a disappointed, "Aw, it would have worked on the Whizzer!"

Rip Jagger said...

I well remember when Perez took the reins of the JLofA. Dick Dillin was a rock, able to draw dozens of characters with equal craft, and his death was sudden and I remember reading about it in a blurb in a comic standing in a grocery store. It hit surprisingly hard.

But Perez was the ideal candidate to take over the book. He could do what Dillin did with a bit more varied layouts and somewhat more natural poses.

The JLofA was the best drawn comic on the shelves for years.

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