Friday, October 19, 2012

Manhunter and Iron Fist

I like the idea of these two sharing an adventure together.  They both have has their fair share of secret societies, martial arts and distant lands and it is not hard to envision a mission that would involve them both.  One thing is for sure - it wouldn't be short on action!


pblfsda said...

Obviously Simonson is the only choice for a Manhunter artist, and if I had to pick an ideal Iron Fist artist I guess I'd go with Byrne, but wouldn't it have been a dream come true to have Gil Kane do both of them in a story like this?

Bob Greenwade said...

I always thought Manhunter's costume was pretty cool, except for those things on his legs, around the tops of his boots. From the very beginning I thought they looked clumsy. (Those big sleeves look kind of unwieldy as well, though that's only in retrospect and they could be useful after all.)

I do agree that this would be a fantastic story -- this is one of those covers that makes me wish that this was an actual comic series.

Justice said...

I remember my first and only Manhunter story back in the day, with him dying at the end. The skull imagery and the powerhouse storytelling of Simonson kept it in my visual memory all these years.

This would be a BOSS cross over.


Rip Jagger said...

This Manhunter is my favorite DC hero. You've made a very handsome cover featuring him and that other guy, the Marvel dude with the Iron Fists and all.

Good Show!

Rip Off

Anonymous said...

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-Danny said...

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