Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dick Tracy Vs. Superman (Plus Tintin)

I'm not sure what the rights situation is, but I think the time is right for another crack at a live-action Dick Tracy.  I still think a series would be the way to go, that way the producers could take their time with Tracy's great rogues gallery rather than have to choose only a couple (or cram them all into one film like the last attempt).  If another Tracy movie happens, maybe they could go the motion capture route, like Tintin.  That would give it a look distinctive from the Beatty film and the classic Chester Gould designs could be presented accurately.  Hopefully it will not be too long before we hear an announcement on the property.


Anonymous said...

both stories--BRILLIANT! I'd love to actually read these!


Bob Greenwade said...

Tracy & Supes look like they were done by the same artist. At least, they're close enough in style to make it look right.

I grew up reading the Dick Tracy comics in the newspaper. One of the villains during that time was a fellow called The Pouch, a former circus "fat man" who had all of his excess fat surgically removed, and his excess skin gathered up to create a pouch in which he could hide things ranging from stolen jewels to a gun. Near the end of that villain's run I decided that if there ever was a movie or TV series based on Dick Tracy, I wanted to be in a position to play him.

You can imagine my disappointment when the Beatty film came out, and (of course) I wasn't in it. I felt some relief that The Pouch wasn't in it either; I could still be game if there was a sequel.

I do think The Pouch would have been a better choice for the poker game at the start of the film, instead of inventing the character of Ratface. After all, who better than The Pouch to liven up a poker scene?

If there ever is an announcement about a new Dick Tracy movie, I'll try to contact the producers (or get an agent and have him do so) asking for at least a cameo as that character.

Anonymous said...

That was Madonna's best film! Beatty did a great job with that, and don't forget Al Pacino!! Really puzzled why Walt Disney did not issue a sequel.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

I grew up on the south side of Chicago - my favorite thing in the world was to follow Dick Tracy in the Tribune. I love newspaper strips! Now I love webcomics. With all his gadgets and gizmos, Dick Tracy was like James Bond!

From bits and pieces I've read Warren Beatty owns the film rights to Dick Tracy! Not sure if talks broke down on a sequel over script or money, or if the movie under-performed.

It's been years since I've seen the film. I'm not much of a Warren Beatty or Madonna fan. I just don't see Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy.

I hope that Disney is waiting for the rights to expire so they can reboot it like they will The Rocketeer.

Anonymous said...

Who did the Superman art?

Ross said...

Dave Bullock. I usually list the artists in the labels.

Bob said...

Love Dick Tracy --- and a Superman team up would be delicious!

GF said...

Excellent crossover!! Such a comic STRIP-era natural! At the time, there was not so much of a stylistic / storytelling difference (that would not happen until the Silver Age) that the characters could not share an adventure.

How about Golden Age Batman and The Phantom?

Ross said...

Hmmm, I've done 3 Batman/Phantom covers, but never a retro one, that's a good idea.

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