Monday, September 10, 2012

Tintin and Jonny Quest (Part One)

I was pleasantly surprised by the recent Tintin film. I was concerned at first that the characters would look creepy in CGI, as often happens in motion-capture films.  Fortunately the right balance was struck between human features and Herge's character designs that it looked pretty cool to me.  Some of the Thompson Twins' bumbling didn't  translate well, but for the most part I thought the film was increibly well realized.  The action and pacing reminded me of Spielberg's earlier work on the original Indiana Jones films, he really seemed to be having fun as a director here.  I understand Peter Jackson will be helming the next one and that will be cool to see.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this team-up, coming tomorrow!


mindful webworker said...

The superhero team-ups are fun, but when you go outside the genre it's especially hootworthy. (Still chuckling over Phoney Bone & Uncle $crooge.) Nice team-up.

Anonymous said...

how bout gumby and batmite or impossible man or opus and bill meet felix the cat or hot stuff and son of satan

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