Friday, September 14, 2012

Hourman and The Fantastic Four

I can't say that there is any logical reason for this scene to be taking place, I just thought it would make for a hoot of a tale.  I read yesterday that DC is soliciting another installment in the JSA: The Liberty Files series, and Hourman looks to play a sizable role.  Even though that is technically only an Elseworlds version of Rex Tyler, it looks like that will be the closest that we will get.  I am sure an Hourman of some sort will eventually show up in Earth 2, but by this point I no longer expect him to bear any resemblance to the classic golden age character.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,


I'm giving James Robinson some room to see what he's going to do with this Earth-2...I think he's better suited to those characters.

He's been given a clean slate to start over, but the only tie is Darkseid.

I didn't really care for his Cry For Justice, or his Justice Titans.

Hickman's recent run on Fantastic Four was interesting. Not really exciting, but interesting.

Hopefully the clock will rundown, and Marvel/Disney will regain the rights to reboot the First family.

Gernot said...

Ross, I HAVE to ask this after seeing your newest cover: Are you related to Bob Haney? LOL :D

I love these covers! They take me back to the days when comics were a heckuva lotta fun, and I couldn't wait for every new issue to come out! :)

Thanks for this blog! :)

Ross said...

Not related, but a big fan. I met him once and he was a great guy. His stories are definitely a huge inspiration for this blog..

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