Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Black Lightning and Captain America

I really wish that DC had stuck with this look for Black Lightning, rather than only using it for a single mini-series.  It's a great updating of the classic look by Cully Hamner.  I'm a little disappointed to see a lot of the promotional art for Captain America with the character sporting the "painted on wings" look from the movie version.  The films should strive to be closer to the comics, not the other way around - especially when it comes to costumes, which the movies still get wrong a lot more than they get right.


Anonymous said...

This looks not only Fantastic, but like a lot fun also!


Michael Jones said...

Great cover; Great title!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Outsider, after Metamorpho, then Halo, then Geo-Force....actually everyone on that original team was my favorite. sigh. I miss the '80s!

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