Friday, September 28, 2012

Superman and The X-Men

Patrick Stewart recently mentioned that he would be appearing as Professor X once again on the big screen. The next X-film promises to draw from the Days of Future Past timeline, so are we in for some reality altering by the end of the film?  Could be... and if so I hope we end up with something closer to the actual "first class" of X-Men.

Recent pics of Actress and MMA star Gina Carano hanging out with Henry Cavill have folks speculating that she will be making a cameo in Man of Steel as a certain Amazonian princess.  I find that highly doubtful, but have to admit, she certainly looks the part.


Isaac said...

Nice. Could have used Jack Kirby instead of Neal Adams for Supes but it all works out in the end. Great cover.

Ross said...

I'm pretty sure only his head is Adams, the rest of his body is Kirby. I know his left hand is Kirby because I had to replace the original one which was holding something with a hand off of a Kirby Thor.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice cover as usual. If the X-Men, especially this version of them ever fought against Superman, that fight'd be over real quick, w/Supes naturally as the victor. Can't see it going any other way unless Prof.X intervenes and buts a mind whammy in him.

I hope they really do go ahead a make that Days of Future Past movie though. That's really the last great story-line left, since the sorta' Dark Phoenix story-line from the 3rd X-Men sucked.

And hell yeah, Gina Carano fits perfectly physically as WW. Let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

The Superman figure is Kirby inked by Adams.

And if Gina Carino could ACT, she'd be perfect for Wonder Woman.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on issue #200! Here's to many more!


Ross said...

Thanks! I'm well into the 500's now so there's plenty more to come!

GF said...

Ross: "hope we end up with something closer to the actual "first class" of X-Men"

Don't count on it; the corporate agenda is the steer the movies and comics as far away from their classic roots as possible, save for merchanside (Bowen) which has no effect on the stories pushed by Marvel at present.

Your cover is a great mix of Silver and Bronze age Kirby styles, and though Kirby's Superman was never a favorite, he fits well in this X-Men world of the 60s.

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