Friday, September 7, 2012

Green Lantern and Iron Man in "Dead Ringer"

I like the paring of these two heroes, so I decided to try another cover featuring them, this time giving Iron Man the upper hand. I see in the Green Lantern comics that they are introducing a new GL, and Hal Jordan is taking a back seat for a while.  I hope that this is just a story line and not a sort of "punishment" for the Green Lantern movie not living up to expectations.  It would be a shame to lose the Hal Jordan character again after all the hard work that Geoff Johns did to rehabilitate him a few years back.  It's cool to have lots of multiple Green Lanterns running around, but I still prefer for Hal to be the main man.


Anonymous said...

more hopefuls flash and flash gordon,capt atom and capt america,tigra and huntress ,deathstroke vs new mutants,banshee and black canary,darkhawk and nightwing,hawkman and daredevil vs owl and shadow theif

Anonymous said...

Iron Lantern was one of the characters in the DC/Marvel Amalgam universe, so you're not the only one thinking of this pairing. :)


Lizard said...

Why is it that one space sectors get one GL/planet, but Earth has umpty-google GLs? Why not give rings to other beings in this sector, if we're so messed up we need multiple lanterns?

Alexander Osias said...

Because apparently, Earth is where life first arose in the universe -- not Oa, as the Guardians claimed.

Anonymous said...

"Dead Ringer" HA!

GF said...

I'm surprised you did not use Gil Kane's version of Iron Man to go along with his GL. Then again, Kane 's art had changed by the time he pencilled a few IM covers in the 70s (many inked by the magnificent Romita, Sr.), so it would not match the early Silver Age GL on the cover.

Love it, anyway!

Speaking of Romita SR., I would love to see his 60s Spider-Man paired with mid 60s Batman, as delivered by Infantino with Anderson inks!

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