Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Thing and Jimmy Olsen

I can't imagine Ben would have much patience for Jimmy and his antics, which is why this would be a fun pairing. Just keep that kid away from the Negative Zone portal! Superman Returns had its share of issues, but one thing that I really liked was the casting of Sam Huntington in the role of Jimmy. Of all the actors that have portrayed him, I felt that Huntington was closest to the comic character. It will be interesting to see the take that director Zach Snyder has on Superman's pal with his upcoming reboot.


John Platt said...


(No Thing pun intended.)

Cathy and Dave said...

Preeeeee-senting: ******** ******* replacement, Jimmy Olsen!

Mikeyboy said...

I got a huge smile on my face thanks.

Anonymous said...

Frickin' hilarious. I love it. :) -Mea

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