Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Thing and Hawkman

Hawkman, particularly when drawn by Joe Kubert, can be one of the most visually impressive characters around. I have always loved his mix of alien culture and ancient weaponry. That, along with his married status to Hawkgirl and job as a museum curator made him stand out as a character for me. It's been cool to see a live action Hawkman on Smallville. I wasn't bowled over with his appearance the first time around - for one thing, it is hard to make bare arms look impressive onscreen unless you have someone of Schwarzeneggarian proportions. Also, the wings looked off. Fortunately, when he returned in a later episode the wings were fully CGI and I think they tweaked the costume as well, because he looked a lot more impressive. I hope we see a JLA film one day because I would love to see what could be done on a feature film budget.

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