Monday, January 3, 2011

The Thing and Bone

I had heard great things about the series, so I picked up a copy of the massive one-volume edition of Jeff Smith's Bone. I don't think I have ever devoured a TPB so quickly before, I absolutely loved it. Smith draws beautiful scenery and is a master of facial and body language which make even his more simply designed characters extremely expressive. The writing is just as strong, featuring lots of moments of action, humor, suspense, and even romance. I still laugh when I think of the parts with Bone writing his love letter to Thorn. This is a great book that you can hand to anyone regardless of their age or if they have ever read comics previously.

The Thing image is from a FF pic by Evan Shaner, who I think has a fantastic style all his own. You can see more at:


The Bouv said...

I love this one! "It's Clobberin' Time, you Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures!"

Anonymous said...

Dang it Bouv, stop reading my mind. ;)

Nice one, very fun.


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