Monday, January 24, 2011

The Thing and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

I was one of the fans that was not happy when DC decided to make Hal Jordan evil and later kill him off, but I didn't automatically dislike his replacement because of that. I had to admit it was cool to see Kyle Rayner as the sole Green Lantern for a while, learning on the job. I also liked how Kyle was an artist and how that influenced his ring's creations. Kyle's run on the GL title was an interesting take on the Green Lantern mythos, I just wish they didn't feel like they had to tear down Hal to tell it. Fortunately, Hal is back on the side of the angels and the living these days and Kyle can still be found in action in the Green Lantern Corps title.


Cathy and Dave said...

by Dave

Great cover! I always look forward to seeing how you top the previous issue!

I started getting into Green Lantern around 1990 or so. Hal had greyed, clobbered Guy, and it looked like DC was finally figuring out how unique the character was. And then they made him evil, called him Parallax, and replaced him with Kyle.

Instead of turning to the internet or otherwise voicing my displeasure. I stopped buying the book. I like Kyle, he's not a bad character, it's just that he wasn't my Green Lantern. Hal was. Just like Alan Scott is somebody's Green Lantern. Same with John Stewart and Guy. Kyle became somebody's Green Lantern.

I compare it to what Robinson is doing right now in Justice League. He started it out with Hal Jordan and The Outsiders, and is currently writing either Infinity Inc. or The Titans. As much as I liked his Starman, I'm disappointed by this Justice League.

Team-up books never get old. Monthlies and team books kinda a little.

That's just my two cents...

Anonymous said...

While Hal never clicked with me, making him evil didn't sit too well with me either. Still, Kyle quickly became my favorite green lantern, due to his run in Morrision's JLA and later his book. I never quite understood all the hate he got.

I'm glad to see him as well as the other GLs teaming up with Thing here. :) -Mea

(word verification: "rasin" heh.)

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