Monday, January 17, 2011

The Thing and Conan

I hadn't thought of Conan as a guest star for The Thing because I have always considered him a Marvel Character, as that was the first place I had encountered him. I don't think he ever ran into Ben or the FF, though, so that's a good enough reason to include him. For some reason this cover took forever, there were a lot of little bits and pieces to it.

We have now finally seen some stills and quick footage from the upcoming Conan film. Well, the guy they got for the title role is certainly big enough, that's for sure. The question is, can he act?


Mikeyboy said...

I love it....awesome. You also reminded me that this is one of my favorite covers.....

Mikeyboy said...

Just to ad 2 more cents...Dark Horse comics who currently publishes CONAN once told me there will be no CONAN team ups.
I shopped a CONAN/TARZAN plot synopsis to them and that's what they told me. SO...any kind of Team up involving CONAN would be beyond the norm an highly fitting for your blog.
I myself have worked up 2 CONAN team up covers myself and am working on a it stands...these are my first experimental jobs using this media and am nowhere near your skill level yet Ross. But I am having fun.
By the way...someone DREW their own Brave and the bold BATMAN/DONKEY KONG cover...I am sure you can google it to find it.
I think it's pretty neat.
Whew that was more like 25 cents.

Ross said...

Yup, I've seen that DK pic. Marvel teamed Conan up a couple times in the pages of What If? Where can I see your Conan covers?

Mikeyboy said...

Oh...I put one on my covers blog.
The other is on face book.
I'm working on that Tarzan crossover for that plot synopsis I wrote. I intend to post it someplace int eh near futurre.

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