Saturday, May 29, 2010

Batman and G.I. Joe

I did not follow the G.I. Joe comics or the cartoon, but I have a fond memory of the action figures from my childhood. The real ones from the 70's, not those tiny ones that came out later on. I liked all the cool accessories like scuba gear and of course was a fan of the kung-fu grip!

Not having followed the newer version I don't know how faithful the movie last summer was. It kind of surprised me. I guess I went in with low expectations because even though the acting was pretty weak and the plot preposterous, I found the film to be big dumb fun. I think I could go along with is because it didn't seem to take itself very seriously. Sometimes its OK to just turn your brain off and watch things go splodey.


Randy said...

I'm not much of a follower of GI Joe either, but if I saw this cover on the newsstands, I'd buy it for sure. You really do good work on these covers. It's clear that a lot of thought goes into them.

Ross said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! Each cover takes 4 hours or so, it's definitely a labor of love.

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