Thursday, May 6, 2010

Batman and Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill has one of the coolest character designs ever. It doesn't seem like it would work, but it does. Walt Simonson did a great job with him and gave him a great introduction - literally smashing on to the scene in that Iconic cover from his first appearance in Thor. I was happy as a reader that despite initial appearances he turned out to be a god guy, and that he stayed on as a supporting character for a while.

One of the nice surprises in the Planet Hulk Direct to DVD Animated flick was that due to rights issues, the Silver Surfer was replaced with Beta Ray Bill. It was very cool to finally see him animated, and his scenes are my favorite part of the movie.


BLESSD1 said...

This is a completely awesome cover for me b/c I love Beta Ray Bill and David Mazzuchelli's Batman. Great job!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I totally agree with you about Bill's appearance in the 'Planet Hulk' film. He just made sense when you connect those rock invaders from Thor's first appearance to the rock guys fighting in the alien arena. It's a case where the movie idea should have been in the comic book story all along and every fanboy recognized it.

Cease said...

Here the design elements pop ! Visually one of the best. What a cool art collection you're rocking, too!

Ross said...

Thanks, It's nice to share my collection on line because most people who see it in person know almost nothing about comics

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