Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Wonder Woman Vs. The Super Skrull in: "Crossed... By Kl'rt!"


It would seem that there is some unfinished business following The Super Skrull's invasion of Paradise Island back in STF #4058.  This will be a recovery mission that calls for a rematch, I'd say.


Anonymous said...

Another great matchup. Well done.

simon said...

would be a great contest !
i just wonder what he pilfered, Hipolita’s girdle ? the Purple Ray ? Wonder Girls old costume ? the items are all “ Amazonian treasures…

Carycomic said...

@Simon: maybe WW and the Super-Skrull were supposed to team up against the latter's fellow Totalitarian, the Adaptoid (from STF #4413). But, he double-crossed her at the last second. Hence, the title of this morning's issue.

Shamus said...

I have a couple ideas for covers, so let me just share some of them:

Martian Manhunter and The Silver Surfer (I could literally read a 50 page comic about these two teaming up, I love them so much)

Nighthawk and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord): This has to happen. Kyle Richmond and Ted Kord have the potential for some great chemistry.

Man-Bat vs the Werewolf by Night: two monsters battling it out! What's not to love here!?

Sugar and Spike and Peanuts: two fun lighthearted comics that I think deserve a crossover.

Howard the Duck and The Inferior Five: Two Super-Hero satires, I'm amazed this team-up hasn't happened yet. I think it'd be very fun.

Daviticus said...

He still calls it Paradise Island...:)

Detective Tobor said...

Psycho Pirate vs Man-Thing seems easy, but... Would Pirate be able to have different effects on Man-thing?

Diana should have no problem with Super-Skrull considering all the multi powered aliens she has gone against, especially with the JLA.

ROSS, now that the Skrulls are in the Marvel movies universe before the F.F., why not just show the F.F. doing something as already being established for some times? Like Spidy in Civil War?

Anonymous said...

What Det. Tobor said.

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