Monday, December 17, 2018

The Flash and The Silver Surfer

I enjoyed this year's CW crossover of Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl - especially seeing John Wesley Shipp back in his Flash costume from the 90's TV series.  It looks so much better than what they have Grant Gustin wearing (or that clunky thing they put on Ezra Miller).  Still, nobody can seem to get the boots right, they have been red in every case.  Don't tell me that yellow/gold boots don't work on screen - Zachary Levi will have them for Shazam! and they look perfect on him!


Anonymous said...

Yuumi Kato didn't appear to make a name for herself beyond "contestant", but maybe she'll wear her (Sailor Moon) miniskirt with pride. XD

Anonymous said...

Yuumi Kato is Miss Japan 2018.

Carycomic said...

Dormammu?! You fooled me. I thought for sure this was going to be a rematch with the Black Racer (from STF #114).

Bob Greenwade said...

I also loved the crossover, though I would have preferred to see just a little more of the 90s Flash as well as of Batwoman. I especially enjoyed the usual plethora of Easter eggs (particularly the bust of Shakespeare). The overall narrative was especially well crafted, and the "backdoor pilot" elements for Batwoman and Superman & Superboy were well placed.

As for the Flash costume, I've come to like the various versions for Grant Gustin. I always felt that John's version looked like a rubber muscle suit (which, after all, it was) and of course Ezra's looks like some sort of high-tech armor as if that's the source of his super-speed.

I was shocked, though, at the announcement that the Crisis on Infinite Earths is happening some 4 years earlier than originally given (in the 2024 headline we've been seeing since the very beginning of The Flash). I do hope they still can bring Black Lightning into the mix; I'm not nearly as optimistic about the shows on DC Universe as I would have been if this had been four years later.

Back to costumes, though: I think the TV Reverse-Flash's boots are red. (I couldn't remember for sure, so I looked it up and while the pictures I found aren't real clear on it, they do look red.) If Barry's boots aren't yellow, then Reverse-Flash isn't quite all that "reverse," is he?

Change of topic: What do you get when you team up Nick Fury with Black Canary? "The Sound and the Fury!" (Well, it's better than just sending Nick to Seattle....)

Anonymous said...

Well, as I understand it, they originally had two pairs of yellow boots set aside for the feature-length SHAZAM. But, one pair got stolen from Grand Rapids, Minnesota, thirteen weeks ago. And, so far, their whereabouts (or, as they might say in Scotland, "wear-a-boots") are still unknown.

This has been a self-serving announcement. ;-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. (@Bob): being serious, though. Maybe the CW version of the COIE is occurring four years too early because of all the time-revision that's been going on since (at least) the third season.

Simreeve said...

If it's like the comic-book version of the Crisis, isn't it supposed to affect ALL times -- even if the heroes only interact with it in some of those -- anyway?

Anonymous said...

@Simreeve: You might as well ask "Aren't Dr. Destiny and Destiny of the Endless supposed to be two separate characters?"

But, having just seen the "Elsewords" trilogy on CW On-Demand, I'd have to say...evidently not. Not if the "red sky" effect occurred on Earth-90 well ahead of Earth-1. And especially not so if the Book of Destiny was the Monitor's property all along!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Elseworlds, I'd like to go off on a slight "Tangent." ;-)

When DC and Marvel temporarily co-published their Amalgam imprint, did they ever combine Mordru and Dormammu as "Mordammu" (or any other variant thereof)?

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