Friday, September 14, 2018

Rogue and The Flash

I was thinking that if the Gambit movie ever got off the ground, we might get a chance to see a more comics-accurate version of Rogue on the big screen.  Alas, with all the starts and stops that project has had, not to mention Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox' film properties, it looks like the film will never be made.  It will probably be some years before Marvel gets their own version of the X-Men up and running, and even longer before Rogue becomes part of the mix.


Cary Comic said...

All that, plus Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin would be hard acts to follow.

Anonymous said...

I love the title! :-)

For a sequel, might I humbly suggest Rogue vs. Rouge (from the Brain's Brotherhood of Evil)? That way, if anybody does misspell either of their names, nobody will know the difference!

Anonymous said...

...or the Rogues Gallery?

Anonymous said...

If I might be so bold as to suggest a team...

Since the 60s, at least, comics have had a tradition of superheroes that want to get to the bottom of why people do bad things. They espouse their theories... or just out right lecture people... in long soliloquies, or heated arguments.

They helped propel comics to new heights of maturity in some cases (and insome just a mouthpiece for the writer), but boy I just like them.

The Philosophers
-Swamp Thing
-Silver Surfer
-Mr. A
-Green Arrow
-Hawk and Dove
-Howard the Duck
-Richard Rory
..."These this team doesn't fight evil... they debate the nature of it"

The cover can just be the group talking and arguing. G.A> and Mr. A definitely heated.

Anyway, thank you for your time. Still love the site.

Anonymous said...

@my namesake: "The Philosophers." I like that! It's definitely classier than team name I would've called them.

"The Master Debaters."

Brother Kellymatthew Barnes said...

Shugah! I love Her. :)

Brother Kellymatthew Barnes said...

"If the power ring does not fit you must acquit." - Wally The Flash West on Justice League.

Cary Comic said...

@Brother Barnes: riddle me this! What did Rogue say after kissing Archie Andrews?

"Shugah! Ah, honey-honey!"

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