Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Iron Man Vs. Darkseid in :"Back in the Clutches!"

This cover serves as a direct sequel to STF #842, where Iron Man and Darkseid first clashed.

No hero changes costumes more than Tony Stark (okay, maybe Janet Van Dyne), but the classic red and gold of the 70's-80's remains my favorite.  I still hope to see a version of it on the big screen one day.  They really missed a great opportunity to feature it with all the armor variants in Iron Man 3.

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Anonymous said...

I was sort of hoping for a WWII tale to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.'

Oh well, still looks great.

Cary Comic said...

Just so long as Marvel Studios never uses the model with the Bob Hope nose.

Alaric Shapli said...

Amazing cover.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Iron Man would last about two seconds against Darkseid !

He couldn't beat Thanos going solo and Darkseid would be knee deep in Starks backside.

ELS said...

I fear that these days, Iron Man changes costumes so often because the artists want to draw their current idea for a few issues (or a few pages) and there is no true model to adhere to.

I'm with you that the 70s - 80s version was the best, although I liked the Silver Avenger outfit a lot too.

I'm hoping for a sequel to this one with Iron Man and Steel vs Darkseid and Thanos. This is a nice one.

Alaric Shapli said...

Yeah, the classic '70s Golden Avenger armor is my favorite Iron Man look, too, and quite possibly my all-time favorite superhero outfit (certainly one of my favorites). There's something so dynamic about that design. I always get a kick out of seeing that armor in action.

Anonymous said...

@ My namesake:

A Deadman-controlled Molecule Man could whip both Darkseid and Thanos' butts!

Simreeve said...

Remember the time when the Avengers confronted the Molecule Man and he responded by instantly disintegrating Iron Man's armour, Cap's shield, and Thor's hammer (which, at that time, was still necessary for keeping him as Thor rather than Don Blake)? But then Tigra charmed him into restoring them, and getting therapy?

Cary Comic said...

Never underestimate the power of a female feline. ;-)

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