Sunday, December 18, 2016

Power Man and Bumblebee

One thing I really miss in today's comics are the inventive subscription ads and series advertisements.  They often featured cool art that could not be found anywhere else.  Who can forget the two ads by Bill Sienkiewicz for Power Man and Iron Fist - one with Danny Rand asking the reader to subscribe to their series so as not to upset his partner and the other with Luke Cage daring the reader not to.


Cary Comic said...

Personally, I liked the one with the turtle head who always asked:

"Can you draw this?"


On a slightly more serious note: pre-Crisis Bumblebee never had the power to shrink! That was a plagiar...I mean, a "liberal borrowing" from Marvel's Wasp (on the part of Cartoon Network's TEEN TITANS GO).

Anonymous said...

You should have had J.J. from "Good Times" teaming up with Cage & Bumblebee yelling his catch phrase... "DY-NO-MITE" !

Anonymous said...

Great cover!
How about Swamp Thing and Groot?

Anonymous said...

Or Superman vs. a kryptonite-powered snake owned by...Princess Python!!!

Cary Comic said...

I think Filmation already did something along that line...back in 1967.

Matt Celis said...

Last I saw Mal he was blowin' a mean horn, you dig?

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