Monday, June 23, 2014

The Lost Issues in Back Issue!

I am thrilled to get a very nice mention in the editorial of this month's Back Issue magazine!  Thanks to Michael Eury for the kind words and awesome plug!  This is especially cool for me as I consider Back Issue to be the best comics mag around.  You can get a copy of this issue (or any of TwoMorrow's Publishing's great magazines and books) here:


Anonymous said...


Before you know, this site will be so elite, you'll actually be requiring our NAMES!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!, congratulations, keep with the great work!!!

frank holman said...

Great work, great mag! Glad that you're being recognized for the hard work. Never miss a day!


Ross said...


The Groovy Agent said...

Congratulations! You certainly deserve the attention and accolades!!

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