Sunday, June 8, 2014

Captain America and Wildcat

I love that Ted Grant had found a new purpose in the DCU as a trainer of heroes.  It's a unique part of the character that was successfully carried over into his animated appearances on Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  I don't know what Wildcat's status is in the New 52 line of comics, but I hope that if and when he does return, his coaching side is still emphasized.


AirDave said...

Ted will probably show up on Earth-2.

One of my favorite comics was the All-Star Annual that linked The Atom, Wildcat and - I think, The Guardian, Jim Harper - to the same trainer; who turned out to be a rogue. I made the mistake of getting rid of both All-Star Squadron and Infinity, Inc. after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Both were fantastic books that I enjoyed reading...and wished now that I still had.

Ross said...

That's a fave of mine as well - great Jerry Ordway artwork.

Anonymous said...

So cool cover, and that would make a great story. Yeah, I love the Ted Grant/ Wildcat character in the comics and TV shows.

Ed said...

The reason I don't like the new 52 was that it destroyed the one thing that Marvel didn't have, which was the legacy of heroes.

Woodclaw said...

A long time ago I started working on a mixed Marvel/DC setting, which I never finished because I'm lazy and have the attention span of a goldfish.
One of the ideas that I toyed more with was that Hippolyta was the Wonder Woman of World War 2 (I liked those episodes of the comics were they explored this idea) and that after the end of the war she married with Cap. One of the little bits that led up to this ending was a boxing match between Cap and Wildcat. Pretty much Ted's way to say to Steve that if he failed to make Polly more than happy there were a lot more punches ready.

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