Thursday, February 9, 2012

KISS and The X-Men

There have been a handful of attempts to combine musical acts with comics - Alice Cooper, The Beatles and Night Cat come to mind... but none of them were really ever anything more than an isolated oddity.  I think the reason that KISS had a little more success with the transition is that they already seemed like comic book characters to begin with.  Their elaborate costumes and personas made for a good fit and suggested story ideas right off the bat. They were able to tap into their existing fan base by utilizing the themes they had all along.


diana green said...

Remember that Dazzler was originally intended to be a crossover vehicle, with a movie and an album in the works. Never happened.
Thanks for another fun outing!

pblfsda said...

Also worth looking into are all the creators who've worked on their own musical accompaniment to their comics: Mike Allred (with The Gear for "Red Rocket 7"), Jon J. Muth (with his brother for "M"), J. O'Barr (with a band whose name escapes me for "The Crow"), Alan Moore (in a variety of projects with Tim Perkins and David J.) and others.

Justin S. Davis said...

This one really, really works...the two art styles compliment each other well.

Bob Greenwade said...

This is a cool cover... though I would have expected the team-up to go with Dazzler.

That said, I wonder how well they'd go with the Confessor. (Am I remembering that name right? I'm talking about the vampire-priest from Astro City.)

Rick said...

How about teaming up Kiss with the Monkeemen?

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