Monday, February 20, 2012

Hawkman and The Falcon

I have always loved the Falcon's classic look.  His very first costume was all right, but when he added the wings and changed the color scheme to red and white, he became one of the coolest looking superheroes around.  I remember I used to have a Falcon Mego action figure and the costume looked really cool there, too (unlike the Human Torch for instance, who had red long johns with flames printed on them).  I don't think Mego ever made a Hawkman figure - the bulky wings were probably an issue I guess.  It would have been cool to see how they would have done the helmet.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,


And, for a follow-up, how about The Falcon and Northwind from the original Infinity, Inc? Have you teamed Hawkman up with The Angel?

I never had a Falcon Mego figure, but I still have my Super Powers Hawkman with the wing flapping action and mace! It's a shame that Mego wasn't able to expand their line to the rest of DC and Marvel.

I blame George Lucas for Mego's demise and the rise of Kenner...

Ross said...

Hawkman/Angel was issue #20.

Dougie said...

I think the Falcon is the greatest Bronze Age Break-Out Star That Never Was.
However, the wings made him less effective. Marvel already had Angel (in a beautifully simple Neal Adams costume) who largely did nothing for twenty years and Nightwing, a reformed villain with a jetpack. At least as a falconer, Sam was distinctive and more down-to-earth (literally).

Anonymous said...

Yet another pairing that happened in Bill Sandefur's action figure comics. Hawkman fought Falcon when the Avengers were tricked by Kalibak into fighting the Justice League. Here's who fought who other than Falcon vs Hawkman:
-Batman vs Captain America
-Iron Man vs Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
-The Flash (Barry Allen) vs Quicksilver
-Ms. Marvel vs Wonder Woman (Carol calls Diana a "super lingerie model" at one point)
-Green Arrow vs Hawkeye
-Spider-Man vs Aquaman
-Martian Manhunter vs the Vision
-Scarlet Witch vs Red Tornado
-Orion vs Hercules

Anonymous said...

how bout falcon vs capt cold for falcon and snowman joke or hawkman iceman for same pun

The Trionic Trio said...

..ha..unlikely anyone under 30 would get that early 1980's movie reference, unless they frequent $1.99 DVD bins at Walmart.

timestar said...

Any winged women (or female villians) at Marvel that you could team Hawkwoman with later?

Ross said...

I'm a fan of hers so I will try to get her into a cover on of these days.

Anonymous said...

gosh darnnit! I was hoping you'd save The Falcon for a team-up with the new Batwing, Batman's counterpart in Africa! The new series is not bad. I have a feeling your saving The Black Panther for Vixen (it writes itself), but I do hope you have plans for Batwing nonetheless.

Ross said...

There are no rules with STF, so a character can make multiple appearances, you'll see the Falcon again.

I haven't checked out Batwing... looks interesting but I would have preferred a more original hero than yet another Batman variant.

A Mindful Webworker said...

I really like the covers, always. But... but... "Air Apparent"??? I think that gave me a headache. :)

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